RUSAL America Services


Inventory Services

Whether you need just in time delivery or a consignment program we are ready to work with you to ensure the right product is in the right location and the time you need it. Rusal America has warehouse locations close to our ports of call to ensure we are always ready to serve you.



Rusal America’s customized supply chain solutions optimize every point of our operation from the time it leaves our smelters in Siberia until it arrives to your location.


Our supply chain incorporates bulk & container vessel operations, warehousing management, & transportation logistics (barging, intermodal, trucking, railway) that provide a door-to-door full service operation. 


These solutions, together with a dedicated Operations & Logistics team that strives for continuous improvement, provides our clients a top-notch customer service experience that includes visibility and flexibility.


Technical Service

In Rusal we distinguish ourselves in providing ‘before’ and ‘after’ the sale technical service to our customers. We have technical experts in our team who have been in the industry for more than 30 years working closely with our customers. They cover the various needs of our customers starting from a world class quality that meets their needs to designing the right alloys for various end uses. Our experts also assist in improving extrudability, finish and good post extrusion performances such as painting, anodizing, bending, machining, etc.

Our motto is ‘We are only one phone call away to address your technical needs!’.

By meeting the customers on a regular basis and dialoguing with them on their needs, we are able to not only address their present-day needs, we are also able to foresee their future needs and bring tailor made solutions that will meet their demanding market needs.

For example, there is growing awareness of low carbon footprint in the energy intensive aluminum industry and we are actively working with our customers to promote Rusal’s ALLOW brand, i.e. Low Carbon Aluminum for the automotive and Building and Construction industries. We are providing the necessary LEED and other certificates that would help their end users earn additional LEED certification points.

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