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ALLOY SERIES: Ixxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 8xxx

Double length casting capability:
up to 10′ 500 mm of cast length

Advanced quality control
and assurance
– Tilting furnaces
– Magnetic stirrers:
– HD-2C03 and RGI/RFI metal treatment:
– SNIF degassing equipment:
– CFF. PTF and DBF filtration:
– PODFA and LIMCA metal cleanliness controL
– Wagstaff casting system (Epsilon/LHC)
– Sawing facility

Producing plants:
Kubal (Sweden)


aluminum foil
beverage cans
building & construction applications (Venetian blinds, roller shutters, ceilings etc.)
auto body structure
precision plates
kitchen utensils
litho product


Plant Cut length Dimensions, mm
Bratsk up to 6200 mm RUSAL mould 405x1560 406x1050 406x1300 500x1150 500x1330 500x1630 500x1800
535x1315 540x1040 540x1540 560x1100 560x1230 560x1310 600x1150
600x1330 600x1400 600x1630 600x1700 540х1030 540х1530
up to 9100 mm Wagstaff 560x1100 560x1230 560x1310 560x1410 560x1680 600x1400 600x1630
600x1750 600x2000 711x1346
Krasnoyarsk up to 6100 mm RUSAL mould 190x590 190x690 270x650 300x1025 400x1260 500x1150 500x1330
500x1560 560x1230 560x1400 560x1510 560x1630 600x1260 600x1330
Single length up to 5800 mm Double length up to 9100 mm Wagstaff 500x1800 560x1510 560x1520 560x1630 600x1200 600x1330 600x1450
600x1550 600x1750 600x1820 600x1850 600x2200
Sayanogorsk up to 7000 mm RUSAL mould 340x990 340x1270 405x1560 406x1050 406x1300 560x950 560x990
575x1100 600x1350 600x1450 600x1560 600x1750
up to 6800 mm Wagstaff

406x1300 406x1050 500x2130 535x1670 560x950 560x1230 560x1310
560x1330 560x1410 560x1520 560x1920 560x2000 560x2050 575x1100
600x1070 600x1350 600x1560 600x1630 600x1750 600x1820 600x2200
Kubal up to 4100 mm RUSAL mould 330x1300 330x1440 370x950 370x1050 370x1150 370x1250 370x1300
370x1440 400x1300 400x1440 460x1440 500x1440 525x1440 550x1440