Our Products

RUSAL is the world's leading low-carbon aluminum producer

More than 90% of RUSAL’s electricity for aluminum production is provided by clean and renewable hydroelectric power, which allows the company to produce low carbon footprint products.

RUSAL’s main products are primary aluminum and aluminum-based alloys, alumina, as well as foil and packaging. The Company has its own resource base and carries out the entire production cycle, from extraction of bauxite to the production of finished products, which ensures maximum control over product quality.

Aluminum Billets

RUSAL’s smelters produce billets for pressing and extruding in accordance with both international and Russian quality standards, as well as with technical specifications at the customer’s request. Key consumers of these products are production facilities, specialising in the production of extrusions, solar panels and wheels. 

Primary Foundry Alloys

RUSAL smelters produce a wide range of primary foundry alloys in accordance with standards and customer specifications. These products are applied in many industries such as the automotive industry used to manufacture wheels, automotive components, engines and body parts and also in the construction industry to produce elements of structures and roofs.

RUSAL smelters have gotten advanced casting moulds, enabling them to produce a wide range of slabs for rolling with a length of up to 11,500 mm, a width of 900–2,200 mm, and a thickness of 300–600 mm. These products are widely applied in the construction industry to produce numerous elements of buildings and structures across various industries. For example, in the automotive industry, they are used to manufacture large vehicle body parts, whilst in the consumer industry, produce canning products, cookware, foil and packaging.  

Wire rod is widely applied to produce wires and cables, in ferrous metallurgy as a deoxidising agent and to produce hardware items.

High and super-purity aluminum is used in the production of computer hard drives and capacitor foil. RUSAL is the only producer of high purity aluminum in Russia and CIS. 

High-quality inert gas atomized powders for a wide range of applications in aerospace, automotive, and general industry.