Rusal America

Giving our customers an alternative to domestic only production at a competitive price on aluminum and Additive Manufacturing Powders.

We provide the lowest carbon footprint primary aluminum in the world

Developing production through the construction of modern, environmentally friendly facilities is one of our key competitive advantages.

Technological excellence.

  • Our customer service is second to none.
  • We offer freight & logistic services our other competitors do not.
  • We offer the best technical team in the industry.
  • Our sales and technical force (4 people) have a combined 130+ years of industry experience.
  • We are a low carbon footprint provider.

What We Offer

RUSAL is a completely vertically integrated aluminum company with assets right through the production process – from bauxite and nepheline ore mines to aluminum smelters and foil mills. 

Our Products

Aluminum Billets, Primary Foundry Alloys, 
Rolling Slabs, Wire Rod, High Purity aluminum

Aluminum Powder

A robust portfolio of aluminum alloy powders including many common alloys and specialty alloys designed for additive manufacturing

Inventory Managment

Whether you need just in time delivery or a consignment program we are ready to work with you to ensure the right product is in the right location and the time you need it.


Whether it’s ocean vessels, rail cars, trucks, or barges our logistics department has you covered.


RUSAL’s ALLOW aluminum empowers our customers to reduce the carbon footprint of their products

In a carbon-constrained world the future of aluminum is ALLOW

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